Manage metadata

There are different kinds of metadata which can be used to attribute shows.

Steering Backend Settings

These settings currently can be only adjusted in the Steering backend located at /steering/admin/. In the future there will be a dedicated Radio Station Settings section in Dashboard.


Categories can be utilized to create sections within the radio programme.

For example Radio ORANGE 94.0 uses categories to group their shows in form of areas of interest on their website.

Funding categories

Funding categories are used to mark shows as per funding-related and regulartory purposes.


Languages can be assigned on show level.

Music focus

Here you can define a list of music genres and assign them to shows.


This a way to group shows under one theme or special programme (German: “Schwerpunktprogramm”).


Types can be used to define the format of the shows. For example you can mark shows as a feature or talkshow.

The following image gives an idea how Radio Helsinki uses this metadata group on their website.