Users and hosts

This section gives an overview on users and their roles.

In dashboard there are three types of roles:

  • Host: Typically a host is a person belonging to the editorial staff. Depending on the radio station a host has different permissions. Such permissions can allow full show administration or only certain rights on show or episode level. Hosts can also be only guests on certain episodes of shows they do not belong to (so called contributors). Such hosts have no login credentials and are mainly presented on the website description.

  • Programme Coordinator: A programme coordinator is the manager of a radio stations programme. It is in charge of organising the overall programme plan, involving schedules, consistency in show and episode information and other content quality assurence duties.

  • Radio Station Administrator: This is a superuser, typically part of the IT team. Radio Station Administrators are in charge of keeping the system up and running, performing updates and doing certain low level operations.

Below you learn more about managing your profile details or general host info, in case your are a programme coordinator. To create users or wish to change assigned roles and permissions, contact your administrator.

Edit user profile

Edit your personal user profile by clicking on the badge displaying your name on the left top.

#TODO: More content will be provided with alpha-4

Manage hosts

#TODO: More content will be provided with alpha-4