Contributing to AURA

Code of Conduct

Contributor Covenant

We inherit the Contributor Covenant.

How can I contribute?

You don’t need to be a developer to contribute to the project.

Contribution Guidelines

  • Read up on our Developer Guide > Coding Conventions.

  • When contributing code, create a Merge Request and assign the repository maintainer for review.

  • We write changelogs in the keep a changelog format. Update the before committing code. Remember that changelogs are meant for humans and should reflect the end-user value.

  • In case of big changes affecting several services and APIs it might be good to discuss that with the team beforehand. Think about doing a test deployment with all required services.


  • Code contributors can be found in the git logs.

  • Martin Lasinger from Freies Radio Freistadt designed the AURA logos and icons.

  • The foundation of Steering is based on Radio Helsinki’s PV Module by Ernesto Rico Schmidt.

  • The foundation of Engine is based on Comba, by Michael Liebler and Steffen Müller.

Partners and Sponsorship

Current partners, sponsors and supporters

Previous partners and sponsors


By contributing your code you agree to these licenses and confirm that you are the copyright owner of the supplied contribution.


These licenses apply unless stated differently.