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About AURA

What is this about? You probably already know. If not, here are some links that explain in more detail what the community radio stations in .AT land and .DE land are which call themselves Freie Radios (literally it would be translated to free radios, but as the thing with free here is the same as with free software in general).

Unfortunately most of those links are in German language as our constituency is located primarily in Austria and German. We will provide a short intro in English language as soon as we find some time.

About Freie Radios:

And what is this here now?

AuRa is a suite of radio management, programme scheduling and play-out automation software that fits the needs of free radio stations. The initiative took of in Austria, where several stations are still using and depending on Y.A.R.M. (which is just yet another radio manager). Y.A.R.M. was an awesome project that provided a software which was tailored to how community radio stations create their diverse programmes. Unfortunately it is also a piece of monolithic Java code that has come into the years. Also it never really took of as a free software project and was depending on a single developer. Today nobody really wants to touch its code anymore.

Now we urgently need something new, and all those other solutions out there (FLOSS as well as commercial) do not really fulfill all our requirements. Therefore we decided to pool our resources and develop something new, while reusing a lot of work that has already been done at one or another station.