Bug Reports

Tell us about your problems!

But please use the defect template as described below to submit your bug reports. Or get in touch directly.

Contact us via Matrix

You can find as on Matrix which is also our primary channel for communication.

Create a ticket on GitLab

If you don’t have an Gitlab account, you can sign up here.

  1. Head over to our GitLab instance at code.aura.radio.

  2. Search across all projects for existing tickets relevant to your issue.

  3. If something is available already, vote for it and place your comment.

  4. If nothing is available, first choose the relevant project. If you are unsure about the project, use the aura repository. Then file a new ticket by clicking the button New issue.

New issue button
  1. Now click the dropdown Choose a template and select the Bug Report template.

Issues templates dropdown
  1. Fill out all the relevant sections and submit the defect ticket.