List all shows

After logging in, you are presented with a list of available shows.

Depending on your role, you see a different set of shows:

  • All shows (programme coordinator role)

  • Shows you have administration rights for (host role)

List all shows

Search and filter shows

Use the input box to filter for specific shows.

Enter a search term and the results are matched for show name and short description.

Search/filter show list

Order show list

By default the show list is ordered ascending by following criteria:

  1. Current user is show administrator > not show administrator. This only applies to programme coordinators. In the Card View the results are segmented in “My Shows” and “Other Shows” blocks.

  2. The show is active > not active

  3. The slug of the show alphabetically A-Z

The Order Shows button allows you to modify the order the displayed results.

Order shows button

After clicking the button select the order criteria.

Order show list dialog

Click the checkbox for each order criteria item to activate/deactivate it. Use the buttons on the right to switch between descending and ascending order. To change the actual order of how the order criteria is applied, use the dotted handle on the far left.

Switch between list view types

The two buttons on the far right, allow you to change the appearance of the list.

Change type of list view

You can switch between the List View and a Card View.

List shows as cards

Change show details

After selecting a show from the list, you have the option to modify the basic show settings and its episode details in the show planning area.