Recurrence rules

Recurrence rules are the basis for creating schedules for a show. A recurrence rule defines the repetition rhythm a given schedule is based on.

Generally all of these recurrence rules can be made available:

  • once

  • daily

  • weekly

  • business days

  • weekends

  • bi-weekly

  • four-weekly

  • monthly on the first

  • monthly on the second

  • monthly on the third

  • monthly on the fourth

  • monthly on the fifth

  • monthly on the last

  • bi-monthly on the first

  • bi-monthly on the second

  • bi-monthly on the third

  • bi-monthly on the fourth

  • bi-monthly on the fifth

  • bi-monthly on the last

  • three-monthly on the first

  • three-monthly on the second

  • three-monthly on the third

  • three-monthly on the fourth

  • three-monthly on the fifth

  • three-monthly on the last

  • four-monthly on the first

  • four-monthly on the second

  • four-monthly on the third

  • four-monthly on the fourth

  • four-monthly on the fifth

  • four-monthly on the last

The allowed rules differ from radio station to radio station. Your IT team will setup AURA with the rules relevant to your radio station.

Example for different supported recurrence rules:

Learn how recurrence rules relate to schedules and timeslots in the next chapter.