Migration & Integration Plan

Before getting started you need to carefully plan how you want to fit AURA into your infrastructure.

Check out the provided Deployment Scenarios on ideas for integration AURA into your ecosystem.

Individual test & production instances

To keep your radio infrastructure up-to-date, AURA is meant to provide frequent releases.

In order to keep this process free of glitches, it’s good to gain experience in maintaining AURA on a test environment.

But also after moving AURA to production it is highly recommended to have a staging- or test-instance, where new releases are deployed before actually updating the production servers.

Migration Plan

Rome wasn’t build in a day. And a radio software ecosystem isn’t migrated in one day either.

Make a plan with different stages. Decide which parts you want to migrate at a certain stage.

Possible stages are:

  1. Migrate and continuously synchronize scheduling and show data

  2. Integrate your website and other frontends with AURA

  3. Test run the actual play-out

  4. Make the switch to the new play-out system

Migration Tools

Several radios are building tools and scripts for migration. Besides offering Best Practices, we can also share some code for a sample migration service, if that’s what you need.

Let’s talk in Matrix.