AURA Recorder

AURA Engine

Deploy AURA Recorder

All required files can be found under config/aura-recorder. For the described commands change to that directory. Make sure to follow the preparation steps to add the user: aura first.

Then copy the sample.env to .env and set all values as needed.

su aura -c "cp sample.env .env"

Update the configuration file

Update at least following environment variables in the .env file:

  • AURA_RECORDER_AUDIO_DEVICE: The audio device from which the audio will be recorded. It is also possible to set a stream.

  • AURA_RECORDER_AUDIO_STORE_HOST: The location where the recorder saves all recordings.

Make sure that the user aura can write to AURA_RECORDER_AUDIO_STORE_HOST.

source .env
sudo mkdir -p "${AURA_RECORDER_AUDIO_STORE_HOST}/recordings/block"
sudo chown -R aura:aura "${AURA_RECORDER_AUDIO_STORE_HOST}"

Using a ALSA audio device

Currently AURA Recorder only supports ALSA devices or audio streams. When using a audio interface, make sure to provide the sample format in the override config. For future releases we plan to read the sample rate directly from the audio device.

Start the services with Docker Compose:

docker compose up -d

After successful start-up, you should see the AURA_RECORDER_AUDIO_STORE_HOST get populated.