Radio Station Administration

Programme Coordinators have some additional features for radio management at hand.

Manage Users

Create User

To create user accounts log in to the admin interface /steering/admin/ and click “Benutzer”. There you need to enter a username and password, then click “Sichern und weiter Bearbeiten”.

On the following page you can choose to either create one of these account types:

  • Mitarbeiter: Click the checkbox Mitarbeiter-Status

  • Administrator: Click the checkbox Administrator-Status

After that click “Sichern”.

Granular permissions

There’s also a box where you can assign granular permissions to each user account. At the current stage these settings have no effect yet.

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LDAP Authentication & Authorization

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Manage Shows

Create Show

In order to create a new show, click plus button in the show management tab.

In the dialog enter your show details, select the show type and funding category. Then click OK.

If you are starting from scratch, you might not have any show types and funding categories defined yet.

Learn how to define categorization options in the Manage Station Settings chapter below.

Manage Station Settings

Categorization Options

The following categorization options are defined globally and used to be assigned to individual shows.

Currently they have to be configured in the administration panel located at /steering/admin/.


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Funding Categories

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Music Focus

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