The following diagram outlines the main elements of AURA.

The naming scheme

Automated Radio, AutoRadio, AuRa or AURA, follows an “Automobile-naming-scheme”. All the components are named after some crucial parts of a car:

  • Steering: This is the single source of thruth, holding all the radio data, hence steering some radio’s broadcast.

  • Tank: Just spleen without steam. That’s where your shows, tunes and recordings are managed. Fuelling your broadcast with materials.

  • Dashboard: Observe and control what’s happening. That’s the backend user interface of your radio with individual views for hosts and programme coordinators.

  • Engine: The playout server allowing you to broadcast via FM and web audio streams. Includes silence detection and optional recording options.

  • Player: Every car has some fancy Auto Radio Player. And every radio station has the need for some modern frontend experience. Player is a library of web components. Making web development a breeze. Just like playing with blocks.

AURA Steering AURA Dashboard AURA Tank AURA Engine AURA Player